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Serving Pt. Charlotte, Rotonda, Englewood, North Port, Venice, Punta Gorda, Arcadia, Boca Grande, Nokomis, Placida, Gulf Cove, Deep Creek & More

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Murdock Stones Etc. delivers to Charlotte, Sarasota, and DeSoto Counties including:

  • Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce

  • Charlotte / DeSoto Builders Industry Association (CDBIA)

  • Englewood Chamber of Commerce

  • North Port Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Venice Chamber of Commerce

  • Charlotte Players

Areas We Deliver

Community Affiliations

 •  Englewood area, including Rotonda, Boca Grande, Placida and Gulf Cove

 •  Port Charlotte area, including North Port, Punta Gorda, and Deep Creek

 •  Venice area, including Nokomis and West Villages

 •  DeSoto County area, including Arcadia, Lettuce Lake and Fort Ogden


  • Paver Sand and D.O.T. Sand (Beach Sand); Whole Shell and Crushed Shell

  • River Rock: available in ½" brown, ¾"-1" tan, ¾"-1" white, 1½" tan, 1½" white, and 2-4" tan

  • Granites – Black Salt & Pepper, White Salt & Pepper, Tahitian,    and Pink

  • Rip-Rap (Florida Coral), 6 to 12-inch size, and Shell Marl

  • Red Lava, Carioca Shale, Crimson Chips, and Sunset Firelite

  • White Marble and Pure Beach Pebbles

  • Weed Mat, 3, 4, & 6 foot widths / 25, 50, 100, & 300 ft. lengths

  • Flagstone, Slate, Stepping Stones, & Splash Block

  • Concrete Edging, 20 ft. commercial plastic edging

  • Railroad Ties and Dock Piling Cut-offs

  • Boulders: Firelite, Rip Rap, Caribbean, and Pink Sparkle

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2 IN. DEEP: 160 SQ. FT.

3 IN. DEEP: 120 SQ. FT.

4 IN. DEEP: 80 SQ. FT