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  • Rip Rap (sold by the cubic yard or by the pound)

  • Rip Rap Boulders

  • Specialty Rip Rap

  • Slate

  • River Slick Boulders

  • River Slicks

  • Specialty Slate

  • Pink Sparkle Small

  • Pink Sparkle Boulders

Serving Charlotte County and surrounding areas for over 20 years; we offer delivery 6 days a week.

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Serving the Gulf Coast for 20 years, including Charlotte, Sarasota, and DeSoto Counties.

These all make great accent stones to our decorative rock and mulches. Don't forget to check out our supply of garden statues.

View a variety of quality slate, river slicks, and boulders

Slate/River Slicks/Boulders

Rip Rap

Rip Rap Boulders

Rip Rap Boulders

Specialty Rip Rap

Specialty Rip Rap


River Slick Boulders

River Slick Boulders

River Slick Boulders

River Slick Boulders

River Slick Boulders

River Slicks

Firelite Boulders

Rosso Pebbles

White Santorini

Pink Sparkle Small

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River Slick Boulders

Specialty Slate

Pink Sparkle Boulders

  • Firelite Boulders

  • Rosso Pebbles (imported from Turkey)

  • White Santorini Boulders (imported from Greece)

  • Kewanee River Skippers

  • Caribbean Green 4-6"

  • Caribbean Green Boulders

  • Caribbean Sunset 4-6"

  • Caribbean Sunset Boulders

  • (All of the above sold by the pound)

Caribbean Sunset 4-6"


Caribbean Sunset Boulders

Caribbean Sunset Boulders




Specialty Rip Rap



Caribbean Green Boulders

Caribbean Green 4-6"

Kewanee River Skippers