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  • 3/8" Limestone (#89)

  • 3/4" Limestone (#57)...Great For Driveways

  • 1" Limestone (#5)...Drainfield Stone

  • Crushed Shell

You can use Shell Marl to correct sea wall erosion. You'll be able to purchase all of the above products in bulk or bag, except for Rip Rap and Rubble.  Rip Rap and Rubble may be purchased in bulk or you may purchase by hand-pick, self-serve charged by the pound.  Also, our slate/river slicks/boulders make great accent stones. And check out our supply of garden statues.

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Serving the Gulf Coast for 20 years, including Charlotte, Sarasota, and DeSoto Counties.

We feature one of the best Functional Use Rock selections on the Gulf Coast. Most available both bagged and bulk.

  • Whole Shell

  • Shell Marl

  • Rip Rap

View a variety of quality functional use rocks

Aggregate/Functional Use Rocks

3/8" Limestone (#89)

3/4" Limestone (#57) Driveway Stone

1" Limestone (#5) Drainfield Stone

Crushed Shell

Shell Marl

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Rip Rap

6-12" Coral Rock

Stone display md Phone

Whole Shell